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28.11.2023 The use of stone in projects submitted for the Fl├óneur d’Or 2023

The use of stone in various projects that took part in the Fl├óneur d’Or 2023 is highlighted in an article on the Stone-Ideas website. An original look at the materiality of the projects.

27.10.2023 World Forum for Road Traffic Safety

IFP advocating for a better consideration of the pedestrians The International Federation of Pedestrians, in collaboration with Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland, actively participated in the UNECE Global Forum on Road Traffic Safety, which took place from September 25th to 29th, 2023. The Global Forum for Road Traffic Safety serves as the entity within the United Nations

20.10.2023 Switzerland and its bench culture

thumbnail of Swiss Review Switzerland and its bench culture

Swiss community 20.10.2023

24.02.2023 Project “Exercice, Encounter, Enliven” (Bern, Z├╝rich)

Pecha Kucha Presentation at Walk21 Dublin 2022 (20 slides in 6 minutes) More about this Shared Space project in French or German.

16.03.2023 Webinar Making Space for Cycling, Walking, and Staying

James Thoem (Associate, Gehl) What goes into making mobility for people? While local climates, topographies, and cultures play an Important role in sustainable transportation choices, the underlying, universal element is safe and attractive infrastructure that allows streets to thrive. James will dive into the infrastructural elements and requirements for creating sustainable, healthy, and active cities.


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