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Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland is an association under private law. The managing committee consists of experts in the fields of traffic, law, area planning, economy, as well as members with experience in successfully supporting pedestrian issues.

Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland is active throughout the country, maintaining an office in Zurich with project managers in both German and French. It maintains a net of regional connections concerned with expert traffic planning.

Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland works in co-operation with authorities, organizations and specific traffic associations with similar aims.

Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland is also connected internationally with other pedestrian organizations in Europe.

Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland is financed by membership fees, donations from foundation trusts and the state (federal and cantonal authorities), as well as the sale of know-how, products and services.

Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland is an organization recognized by the Federal Government, which supports the Federal and Cantonal Governments in implementing the Swiss Law on Footpaths and Hiking tracks. The organization is the advocate of pedestrians, a pioneer and co-designer of pedestrianfriendly traffic planning – the 30 km/h speed limit for instance.


Swiss Pedestrian Association
Fussverkehr Schweiz
Klosbachstrasse 48
CH-8032 Zürich

+41 43 488 40 30
info at

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