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02.03.2023 Webinar Pontevedra: The City We Want, the City We Make

Demetrio Gómez Xunqueira (Councillor for Mobility and Urban Works) Daniel Macenlle Díaz (General Director of Citizen Security) Pontevedra City Council Like many cities in the world, Pontevedra was, before 1999, crowded by cars, noise, pollution, inconvenience and danger were ever present. As a consequence, the weakest (elderly, children,..) had been expelled from squares and streets

16.11.2022 IFP advocating for the pedestrians

World Forum for Road Traffic Safety: IFP advocating for a better consideration of the pedestrians The International Federation of Pedestrians participated in collaboration with Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland to the UNECE Global Forum on Road Traffic Safety that was held from the 19th to the 23rd of September 2022. The Global Forum for Road Traffic Safety

17.10.2022 Walk21 in Dublin

The international conference on Walking, Walk21, has taken place in Dublin in 2022. Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland presented some project for this occasion.

21.05.2021 Presentation on IFP’s position paper on urban speed

Join the International Federation of Pedestrians for a short pop-up presentation and discussion on IFP’s position paper on urban speed. Let us know how this paper can help you in your work with on #StreetsForLife   This Friday, May 21,  5:00 PM CEST (Brussels) Time  Find the meeting link here:

26.05.2021 Walk 21 Seoul – Online Conference

Walk21 Seoul Seoul, as a global city connected by technology, still promotes its original values to ensure a high quality of life for its 10 million citizens. The City of Seoul has ambitious plans to further improve that quality of life for its citizens. By 2030 it is hoped that car trips and commuter travel


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