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Webinar Making Space for Cycling, Walking, and Staying

James Thoem (Associate, Gehl)

What goes into making mobility for people? While local climates, topographies, and cultures play an Important role in sustainable transportation choices, the underlying, universal element is safe and attractive infrastructure that allows streets to thrive.

James will dive into the infrastructural elements and requirements for creating sustainable, healthy, and active cities. Along the way, he’ll draw upon case studies collected through Gehl’s work in cities around the world.

James has worked on cycling and walking strategies in a wide range of contexts, from Hamburg to Los Angeles, Cuenca to Dubai.

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Webinars on Walking

This presentation is part of the seminar series «Public Space on the Move» organised by OUVEMA and the Swiss Pe- destrian Association with the support of the Competence Centre in Sustainability, the Institute of Geography and Sus- tainability and the Institute of Sport Sciences of the University of Lausanne.

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