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Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland makes the quality of pedestrian movement a public issue. It declares the freedom and safety of pedestrian motion to be a basic right.

Pedestrians are part of the traffic. As far as numbers are concerned, pedestrians are the strongest group among traffic participants: Nearly all of us are pedestrians at times. A third of all the routine movements are covered on foot. Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland encourages public awareness of pedestrian traffic. It insists that going on foot should be seen as part of a new pedestrian culture and recognized by society and in politics. It supports a traffic policy and traffic regulations which safeguard the interests of pedestrians more forcefully.

For safety in traffic. Every year, there are 3000 road accidents involving pedestrians. For them the consequences are particularly serious. Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland aims at a traffic system designed expressly to prevent serious pedestrian accidents. Its starting point is the idea of the co-existence of all traffic participants.

For human values in traffic. Many pedestrians are, at times or certain phases of their lives, overwhelmed by the demands of the traffic. Elderly and handicapped people and children often cannot cope with the complexity of today’s traffic. Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland wants to make sure that the mental and physical limitations of all participants are taken into account, and re-evaluated in the new traffic regulations.

For right of way to pedestrians in built-up areas. Mobility on wheels has in the past decades increasingly curtailed that of pedestrian mobility. Allowing the motorized traffic to run as speedily and smoothly as possible has often been the primary aim of traffic planners and politicians. Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland claims the street as living space for everyone. It aims at the recognition of pedestrian traffic as an equal partner in the overall traffic system. It stands up for living space and traffic zones that are alive with events and experience.


Swiss Pedestrian Association
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