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International network

Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland is well connected internationally and regularly participates in Walk21 and other international conferences. The association is a member of the following four organisations:

International Federation of Pedestrians (IFP)

Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland is a member of the International Federation of Pedestrians (IFP). Founded in 1963, the association serves as an international network for various pedestrian organizations. Its aims and topics are: To prevent traffic accidents; to protect children, women and the elderly as the most vulnerable groups in society; to plan and design residential areas protected from crime and traffic for pedestrians with easy access to efficient and affordable public transport.

Federation of European Pedestrian Associations (FEPA)

The European Federation of European Pedestrian Associations (FEPA) is currently being set up. The first goal is accreditation with the EU.

International Conferences Walk21

Since the year 2000, an international conference on pedestrian traffic has been held annually. Pedestrian Mobility Switzerland regularly participates in these conferences and contributes current topics.

Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety

Member of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road SafetyThe Alliance was established in 2012 by NGO members of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC) and currently represents more than 200 member NGOs working in road safety from more than 80 countries around the world.


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