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Dans le canton de Neuchâtel, Mobilité piétonne Suisse contribue notamment activement aux groupes de travail et projets suivants:

- Commission des transports et de la Mobilité du Conseil communal de Neuchâtel

- Stratégie cantonale de mobilité douce 

- Projet "Lumière", Ville de Neuchâtel

Un atelier " Marcher sans limite d'âge " aura lieu le 10 octobre 2015 à Neuchâtel.


Sitability as a walkability indicator

Seats availability on walking network is essential. For particular pedestrian profiles, elderly for instance, it’s essential to find stepping stones on which to sit regularly when enduring on a walking route. The Swiss Pedestrian Association presented one of its recent project led in the city of Neuchâtel to the participants of the Placemaking Week 2017  in Amsterdam.

Meet the Street

Manage your Streets! Do you have what it takes to control the world’s most chaotic intersections? Swiss Pedestrian Associations and FEINHEIT Kreativ Studio have created the craziest traffic game ever – “Meet the Street”! Now available to download for free! There’s always something going on at crosswalks. It’s where children playing and seniors with canes meet trucks, trams and speeding police

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